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Hey, Tom! (First, an aside: In thinking more about the "carriertom" at the start of your blog address, I'm now wondering whether it isn't, as I first assumed, your own unique ID after all. Is your "real name" Tom Carrier?)

And now, after our private e-mail warm-up yesterday on the subject of your post, I'm here to comment. I just read an article published in the Raleigh News & Observer newspaper, under the heading "What could be done to make colleges safer?" that implies that a lot more could be done, when it comes to saving lives on campus, by curtailing the excessive consumption of alcohol thereon than could be done by trying to directly address the particular situation up in Blacksburg on Monday.

In other words, the writer suggests that we try to keep things in perspective, which is what I take it you're suggesting also, with your references to Biblical scripture. Right?

I think we all want to put things in perspective, so long as it's our own perspective. For you it's steadily Biblical scripture, for a journalist reporting on social issues it might be all of the data available that pertains to average yearly deaths, for me it might be...whatever the hell perspective I'm adopting today! Seriously, my perspective of late seems to be more cosmological than usual, which is ironic, I guess, since I also think of it as almost radically existential: me, lone individual in the vast Mystery of Being intent on carving out meaning with the sharp knife of my God-blessed freedom and sophomore logic. The omens are with me all the way, too, as I read just the single author David Lodge (who was brought to my attention by a chance encounter on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). In his novel "Therapy" (about 1995) he even goes on at some length (his main character does, that is) about Kierkegaard, whom he credits with inventing existentialism (and whom I have referred to a couple of times in fairly recent posts).

Interesting too (to me at least) that a recent visitor to my blog (Ed by name) wondered yesterday (privately in an e-mail) whether God had a hand in his being "led" to my blog....I told him it could be, but maybe we'd never know. Ed might be depressed, and if he can get less depressed reading me that would be a miracle (and yet another proof of God's loving intervention in human affairs).

tom sheepandgoats

Nope. Last name is not Carrier.

Physical safety is undoubtedly a good thing. I sometimes think, however, that society obsesses over it, having totally failed to address the truly important moral, social, governmental issues of our times.

See Parkinson's Law (#2, I think) which states (paraphrasing) that the amount of time spent on a matter is inversely proportional to it's cost/importance.


It seems to me that:

(1) The media focus on whatever demographic they feel will bring in the most viewers. Hence the change in focus from facts and events to blame and shame. It appears that more people want to know that the event is more personal and they want to see something done so it appears that people in general are not becoming cold and heartless. At least, when I watch the evening news, that's the impression I get.

(2) Yes, there will always be ways to improve safety and security in the world that we live in. Human beings are imperfect and they make mistakes and they don't always forsee every possibility. If that was so, then the Apollo I astronauts would not have died in the fire in 1967, Apollo 13 would have landed on the moon in 1970, and I would have avoided my ex Maria at all costs (insert snicker here)!

(3) On a spiritual note: if God didn't put up with the violence and depredation in Noah's day, what makes Christians today think he'll put up with it indefinately in our day?

tom sheepandgoats


We very much live in a "victim" society. People don't like to believe that s**t happens. There has to be a bad guy.

I don't think it's inappropriate to ask what might have been done differently. But from what I understand, media latched onto the blame aspect, and would not let it go, like a dog shaking a rat.

Frankly, I think we just like ripping people apart.

tom sheepandgoats

Four days after the shootings, NPR reported that students had erected a large sign on the athletic field: "V. T. Stay Strong. Media Stay Away." Students were also circulating a petition thanking police authorities for their protection, declaring the bad press such ones had received from the media totally unjustified. They similarly expressed support for the college's administration.

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