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"Is the latter reserved for the mind of God?"

That is quite an assumption, eh?

tom sheepandgoats

It's not an assumption. It's a question.


OK, my question to your question: does God have a mind?


Hi Tom,
Thanks for this post, I will check out the book...its just the kind of read I want to delve into right now.

tom sheepandgoats

Glad to help. Good to hear from you. I'm sure the book is out of print, but can be found at a library or half.com.

I don't think I'm done pulling posts out of it. It's a fascinating read.


I think we took a mis-step somewhere and mistook mathematics as BEING God.

When I was a kid, I used to imagine that I would someday find the mathematical expression whose mere utterance caused worlds to be created. But as I got older I realized that if I did, I'd find myself the creator of a new world with no idea what to do next.

I decided to leave world creation to the expert.


@ mud_rake
Ask him yourself.

Peter L. Griffiths

The main motive for Kepler's discoveries was to adjust the recorded observations to take account of Copernicus's discovery that the Earth as the observation point was not stationary but orbited round the Sun.

tom sheepandgoats

Thanks for the clarification, Peter. I probably overstated it when I said the main motive was to "to uncover the design of God and thereby give him praise." No, it was doubtless to do as you said.

Having made his discovery, however, he unabashedly gave credit to God.


Can anybody tell what GOD is or it is our foolishness or TS ELIOT'S
whar are the roots that clutch, what are the branches that grow out this stony rubbish------
You can'nt tell, you can tell where sun beats?


or it is Samuel Beckett's waiting for GODOT?

tom sheepandgoats

Maybe one has to look and wait in the proper places. Or discard the notion that if science hasn't verified something, it isn't there.

It's a good tool, the scientific method is, but it's not the be-all and the end-all.

Peter L. Griffiths

The Christian New Testament was written by Berenice a great granddaughter of Herod the Great whose massacre of the Innocents included some of Berenice's own relatives. She was born in AD28 the only year mentioned in the New Testament,see Luke chapter 3. Her motive was to put an end to the sacrifice of animals at the Jewish Passover. She obtained most of the facts but emphatically not the dates from her distant cousin Josephus.

tom sheepandgoats

I didn't know that.

This is a departure from your previous comment. It doesn't really seem to fit. Are you sure you meant to put it here?

Peter L. Griffiths

Yes I did mean to put it here. I have wide interests, but I leave the matter of inclusion to your discretion, since religion can be a very sensitive matter.

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