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Thanks for your kind comment. Glad you liked the post, and Midtown.

Awake In Rochester

Midtown use to be THE place to go during Christmas time. As a kid my mother use to shop there, and I got to whisper in Santa's ear what I wanted for Christmas. It's a shame they won't try to revive it. Downtown isn't what it use to be.

tom sheepandgoats

No it's not. But nothing else is, either. Hopefully the new proposals will work out. There are some attractions to the city, even relatively close by. And an increasing (though still small) number of folks who choose to live downtown.

Bob Williams


Great article. I recently wrote one myself weighing all the pros and cons of this proposal. Originally I was 100% against it, however having read a few urban case studies since, this may be the way to go. Anyway, you are right about attractions in the city. I am putting in an offer on a townhouse in the city this afternoon. Really hope it goes through!


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