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Or some might say the JW's are more like the Ioatins from the episode 'A Piece of the Action' (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Piece_of_the_Action_(Star_Trek)), in which the inhabitants of a simple planet chose to model their society on a flawed book, in this case Chicago Mobs of the Twenties. This results in gang warfare, much as is common among the Jehovah’s Witnesses (warning this post not checked for accuracy).

tom sheepandgoats

Is that all you have to do with these other planets? Just leave a book and the dopes will pick it up and model their civilization after it?

You do recall, I trust, the aliens who intercepted reruns of "Galaxy Quest," took them for historical documents, built a working replica of the starship, and called on the then unemployed and washed-up actors when they found their planet threatened by a race of meanies.

A movie loving guy like yourself surely didn't miss that one...a movie which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Yes I've seen it several times, and you know it holds up better then I'd have expected. Ironicly the screenplay was written by a Mormon.

tom sheepandgoats

I didn't know that.

Any Landru accusations regarding your people? In several respects, you are like us.....out of the mainstream, good at cooperation and organizatin, etc


Galaxy Quest was brilliant.

Nicely done Tom. But why should a machine please an evolutionist? Evolution has nothing to do with technology.

But you can apply that lesson (1Cor:17-20) to humanity as a whole too. Let's include all cultures and all religions, etc in the body and away we go. Trouble is that there's always bickering when one "formula" doesn't agree with another.

tom sheepandgoats

1) It doesn't entirely make sense, does it? Still, those in the science/evolution camp like to portray the gap as narrow (or potentially narrow) between robotics/AI and life itself. Creation advocates like to portray the gap as a huge chasm, unlikely to narrow significantly. Hence, a super clever computer, capable of ruling a planet, seems more appealing to science/evolution people than to those favoring creation.

2) It's not possible to unite the world at large because it subscribes to ways of thinking that make unity impossible. All you can really do is acheive unity within your own organization. To some extent that unity becomes a drawing card to people outside, who observe similar unity nowhere else.

In the end, we believe that God will remove this entire system of things based on human self-rule, in favor of his kingdom and those who have come to support it. It's not meanness or "petulant megalomania," in our view. It is simply that all of human history demonstrates that humans do not have the capability of governing themselves. Moreover, the work Jehovah's Witnesses attempt to do is announce and educate with regard to this Kingdom of God. (I understand that you don't agree with any of this....but you asked)


No Tom, it doesn't make any sense at all. AI developers freely admit that they can't even get close to a human mind and probably never will...

Yes and the main thing that influnces the thinking that largely makes unity impossible, is religion...

tom sheepandgoats

You understand that I write only in relation to Jehovah's Witnesses. I otherwise agree that religion is a major force for disunity. I am the faith I am partly because JWs run distinctly counter to that tide. They are a testimony to what can be done when Bible principles are applied.

Furthermore, we were sharply criticizing religion before you were born, and before the Dawkins-Harris-Hitchens trinity was born. And we were doing it when it took courage. Today, people build their careers by taking shots at religion. We were doing so when it was an invitation to mob violence (literally).



we were sharply criticizing religion before you were born

A maximum of 15 years before I was born really isn't all that long considering religion has been with us for millenia. Thomas Pain for instance, was doing it at the time your constitution was being written and long before Charles Taze Russel was born. Besides, I doubt that advocating JWism could actually be considered a "sharp" crticism, especially considering that it's a religion too, and if the catholics that knock on my door from time to time are to be believed, it's also a major source of disagreement and fuels disunity. Mind you, the JW's that knock on my door say the same about the catholics...

tom sheepandgoats

The post I linked to speaks for itself. The corroborating facts are still pretty widely available.

Bill Canaday

@ plonka

Hmmm ... I've never had a Catholic come knocking at my door except for a solitary Knight of Colombus who came around looking for a donation once, 15-20 years ago. I was a Baptist then, so he went away empty-handed. Today, I'd at least try to give him a tract.

Every 3-4 years my neighborhood gets a visit from some apostolic group a few miles away and once in a while we see a Mormom or two.

The apostolics are funny. They dress rag-tag and then stand around in a group of maybe 10-15 while one person goes to the door to leave a door-hanger / invitation. I guess that they are trying not to look (or act) too much like JW's. They are succeeding.

The last time they went through they looked like such a motley bunch that I was tempted to give them some tips but didn't have the time.

But I've never, ever, had a Catholic come to my door to preach to me.

Inform me, please. What was the gist of their preaching?

tom sheepandgoats

Expand on these comments in your own blog, Bill (if you haven't already) You have the makings of a real good post in them.

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