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Dave McKeegan

Hi Tom. Can I request an article from you? I'd be really interested in one describing the process of reasoning by which you came to conclude that the Bible was the Word of God (if your conclusion was arrived at through reasoning, that is).


Tom Sheepandgoats

Most of my posts contribute toward that conclusion and demonstrate my reasoning. I'm not so sure I'm willing to put them all together into one grand overture. It would either be absurdly long or unconvincing cliff-note style.

But I like that the Bible contains reasonable answers to why evil exists and why illness and death. I like also that Jehovah's Witnesses have an understanding of the Bible which makes these answers understandable, whereas churches do not.

I like that they've been able to blast through ridiculous doctrines that others have not: trinity and hellfire, for example.

These posts offer some reasonings, though I don't claim they're all inclusive.



Then, too, the alternative to God seems too far-fetched to be believed. (posts in evolution, science, and atheist categories)

Also, Jehovah's Witnesses have been able to overcome within their ranks both nationalism and racism....two forces that are ripping many other communities apart.

All these items contribute to my conclusions. I'm not sure there is just one "silver bullet."

Though, on second thought, perhaps I do have what you're after. Here is a long-ranging conversation with an atheist fellow named Ragoth which may fit the bill.


Alas, you'll probably take his side :)

Ooh ooh. Also this one: http://tinyurl.com/9vr2tu

Awake In Rochester

Happy New Year!

I hope that you have a great 2009!

Dave McKeegan

Tom, would you mind distilling those factors into a few bullet points? There’s a lot of reading in those links, and most of it does is not directly relevant to the question.

Something like this:
“I believe the Bible is the infallible word of God because:
1) I find the answers it provides to certain questions to be personally satisfying
… etc”

Thanks in advance!

Tom Sheepandgoats

Awake: Thanks for your kind wishes. I hope things go well for you also.

Dave: It's a reasonable request, respectfully submitted, which I appreciate. Still, I will only partly comply. I'm not sure what will be the point other than to set the stage for a very long debate. I'm not really a debating type guy. When I comment on another's blog, it is just to give a contrasting viewpoint. When I write my own posts, I like to use current events and add a spiritual dimension to them.

Not that I haven't entered debates. On the contrary, I've entered quite a few of them, both with atheists and religionists....the trinitarian hellfire kind. They take forever and rarely go anywhere. One of the links I gave you is such a discussion with a fellow named Ragoth. It has taken forever and it hasn't gone anywhere, as is just winding down...or appears to be.

Still, I don't want to be entirely uncooperative. The post I just put up should go a long ways toward meeting your request:


It's been in the hopper for some time, and the gist of it is somewhere in the aforementioned Ragoth discussion (I think): http://tinyurl.com/8j9opb

Mary A. Kaufman

since when did God change his name from Yahweh to Jehovah?

Tom Sheepandgoats


I could live with ‘Yahweh.’ Likewise, I could live with ‘Yahweh’s Witnesses.’ But things didn’t play out that way. The confusion, as I think you know, stems from the fact that Jews for many centuries avoided uttering the divine name, considering it too sacred to pronounce. In time, its pronunciation was lost. Today, the consensus view is that ‘Yahweh’ represents the original pronunciation, but since the tetragrammaton is only consonants (YHWH) and not vowels, nobody can be sure. Anglicized, the name has come down to us through the centuries as ‘Jehovah.’

I’m not sure that should be such a big deal. Names are pronounced differently as we switch from one language to another; we all realize that. Even the name Jesus, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and so forth, are nothing like they were in their original language.

If you have a friend from a foreign country, would you prefer she call you ‘Mary,’ even if she mispronounces? Or would you rather she address you as ‘Honorable Woman.?’

Howard Roszak

Could you please send me your source for the quote from edwin palmer.

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