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Tobias Fong

I replied to this comment, yeah, thanks for the information. I don't know if you've seen it, but it's back in Comments under my Religious Thesis post.

Anyway, I agree that Russell is a genuine Christian, but I disagree with his beliefs. Now, like I've said in my thesis, just because someone believes differently, it doesn't mean he's an unauthentic Christian. Even if you disagree with him, who's to judge who's right and who's wrong? Who's to judge who is the real Christian? Unless God comes down personally and tells us, it is all down to our personal beliefs and interpretations. Russell might be right while the rest of the world are wrong but it could very well be the other way round.

Sorry, I did not mean to point out those mistakes to embarrass him or "disqualify" him as a true Christian. My intention was solely to point out that people DO make mistakes in their interpretations of the Bible, so you cannot blindly believe everything they say, but rather form your own opinion.

That said, even I make mistakes too, but I don't think people will start classifying me as a false Christian. What happens when Christians err is that they give the religion and other worshippers a bad name. Like the stepfather who raped his stepdaughter and the Catholic Church in my thesis. People won't think in terms of "no, they're not real Christians". Rather, they'll believe all Catholics to be hypocritical or lustful (as in raping).

Sorry if I caused any misunderstandings!

tom sheepandgoats

Thanks, Tobias, for your comment. You are a most tactful guy.

Although this post was inspired by a discussion with you, you should not think that it is addressed to you. That is, I've gone on to address several points, and I don't mean to imply they are all points you raised or believe.

Thanks for your clarification, and I'll revisit your site shortly.

Tobias Fong

Actually I know that it's not directed solely at me. But since I'm part of the audience I felt that I should at least respond to this post. thanks anyway. Your posts have been very insightful.

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