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Jason Chamberlain

Ah, the brilliance of psychologists! The problem of course is that on one hand you have legitimate cases where child protective services are useful. I'd like for children to be taken away from sexually abusive environments, for example. However, I tend to chafe a bit when the government decides what is best for my children.

Mary from Meander With Me

An excellent reply to the whys and wherefores concerning the subject at hand. When it comes to the cpability of children to take on responsibilities, all six of my children knew what it was like to work alongside their parents on a dairyfarm. Today,I don't love them just because they are my children, I also love them because they have, each and every one of them grown into loving and responsible adults!

tom sheepandgoats

Thank you, Mary. What a nice comment.


While I think that home-schooling is a great idea I have to say that it is not for everyone. While in Texas I met a lady with a great many children all home-schooled. The oldest, a 17 year-old was helping her mother by filling out the check for her purchase; the poor girl had no idea how to spell any of the words that were to go on the check and the handwriting was really bad. Now I am not saying that these things are needed to survive in the world but she will have a hard time getting a job. Also there are several ones in my congregation that have been home-schooled and many of them have a hard time dealing with social situations at their jobs and relating to their bible studies, I think that it is no coincidence. There has to be some interaction with those of the world besides in the ministry... the way schools are today I can see why some would rather go this route. But you have to give your child 100% and alot of parents today can't do that. I really believe that if you instill in your child the basic beliefs when they are young then they will make the right choice.

tom sheepandgoats

I agree homeschooling requires great commitment and community involvement. We were fortunate to be able to buy out the time for both, as with most other homeschoolers we knew. Without these, one might well turn out backwards socially, maybe even academically. Having said that, there are plenty who have gone through the school system who are also backwards socially and academically.

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tom sheepandgoats

Very good, MA, thanks. I hope, when Laura finally departs, that she visits your site beforehand!

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