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Jason Chamberlain

Are you sure that you want to go as far as this statement: " It comes only from those who despise all of Jehovah's Witnesses."?

I ask because I think that the Watchtower organization is leading you folks astray, but I have never met a JW that I didn't like. I admire your unity, but I think that you have got Jesus wrong and that is the problem. In other words, I see myself as an exception to your blanket statement.

I of course recognize that you would feel the same about me yet we can have friendly discourse.

tom sheepandgoats

I should clarify that I am, in this post, speaking only of those who openly admire the JW's holocaust stand, yet somehow paint it as independent of their organization - as if it would have happened, organization or not.

You're not in that number, I'm sure. Liking JWs, yet thinking their organization is leading them astray, is another subject entirely, and I would not apply my strong statement to those in that camp. Still, if it is really so that you've never met a JW that you didn't like, how misleading can the Watchtower be? It is the human organization that ever keeps relevent Bible teachings before us, and ever encourages unity, so that those who associate with it thereby become likeable.

Jason Chamberlain

Likability is certainly admirable. A good friend of mine from high school is an atheist and I was able to have a very irenic discussion with him about matters of faith. However, I don't think that his likability is going to save him when the sheep and the goats are divided.


Putting armchair theology aside, I think history has shown Witnesses to be unique in really having Jesus right. Jesus promoted self-sacrificing love for others, especially for ones spiritual brothers. As a brotherhood, Witnesses have performed this more outstandingly than other professed Christian groups.

As Gabrielle Yonan concludes in the article "Spiritual Resistance of Christian Conviction in Nazi Germany: The Case of the Jehovah's Witnesses":

"Jehovah's Witnesses can rightfully claim to have resisted the 'wicked.' In a literal sense they have fulfilled their own claim of being true followers of Jesus Christ, while the two large churches in Germany, as they openly admit, failed terribly. Six decades later it is now time to show them respect in the name of Christianity. Without the example of this steadfast Christian group under the oppression of the National Socialist dictatorship, we would—after Auschwitz and the Holocaust—have to doubt whether it is at all possible to fulfill the Christian teachings of Jesus." (Journal of Church and State; Spring 1999, p.322)


Have you seen what is going on with our dear brothers in Russia?

My prayers are with them.

tom sheepandgoats

It's a familiar story, isn't it?

Jason Chamberlain

TJ -- I certainly do not doubt the sincerity or quality of the works done by JWs. However, I would maintain that if the theology, pneumatology, and Christology are not fundamentally right then Isaiah 64 applies.


Hi Jason. Well, sure, you can debate theology, pneumatology, and Christology till the cows come home; in the end, it is the one *doing* the will of the Father that has Jesus' approval and make his true disciples discernible. (Compare Matthew 7:15-23)

That is what makes Dr. Yonan's statement above so powerful. Of course, such evidence can be, and always has been, ignored by those unwilling to recognize it.


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