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Quote"One detractor carries on about how, when one dies after a lifetime propagating Witness beliefs, it is far more than a waste of time....it is a tragedy."

I know some ppl think JWs waste their time Knocking on doors but I am interested as to why this person thinks living a lifetime "announcing the Good News of Jehovah's Kingdom" is a tragedy.

tom sheepandgoats

He's gone atheist. There is no Good News and there is no Jehovah, says he.


Hi Tom, I've been gone for a while, but here's my two cents...

I've found that most people speak of freedom in the context of "freedom to do the bad things." This means, freedom to have pornography, violent entertainment, divisive speech, destructive influences, right to lie, really the right to outright reject Biblical teachings without any societial issues.When such people see others who disagree with this point of view, then those people must be "slaves to religion."

However, the Bible speaks of being a slave to sin and death. Regardless of what people like to say, they echo the desires of their father. So our choice is not freedom vs slavery, but to whom do we belong?

I'm sure there are plenty who would be unhappy with that statement, but I don't see how it can be untrue, even if someone were to disagree with me. We all grow old and die, and therefore are enslaved to sin and death. However, the Bible speaks of Jesus as setting us free from that. So does one prefer to have the "freedom to do the bad things" or "freedom from sin and death?" I suppose I must be missing out on "the real life" because I choose the latter. My poor, poor, wasted life. All I did with it was help people get past life problems, raise a responsible and productive family, and live honestly. Surely I have and am wasting my life.

tom sheepandgoats

Good to hear from you, Screech. It's been awhile.

They're loaded words, aren't they....'freedom' and 'slavery.' You almost can't use them as stand-alone terms. You have to specify 'freedom from WHAT,' and 'slavery to WHAT.' I agree that by insisting on 'freedom' in petty matters you end up being a slave in things more substantial.

Romulus Crowe

I haven't had a mid-life crisis, which is encouraging. It suggests I am not yet half-dead.

As you know, Tom, I follow no religion but also I am not one of Archbishop Dawkins' 'fundamentalist non-believers'. Science cannot touch the question of God and really should not try.

If there is one thing I believe in, it is this - everyone should use their lives in the way they see fit. The only wasted life is the one that ends with 'I really should have...'

We only have one chance in the physical body (I am not a believer in reincarnation) and to do otherwise than what your conscience tells you is to waste that one chance.

So I cannot, even as a non-believer, support Dawkins' Disciples in any way at all because they seek to force people to do things that are against their personal beliefs.

We only have one life. Living it according to someone else's rules is just wrong.

Living your life according to your beliefs can never be wrong. Maybe my beliefs are wrong but I will die knowing I never compromised on them and never let anyone else dictate what they should be.

Unless, of course, I am proven wrong before then. In which case I will change.

My mind is not set in stone here.

tom sheepandgoats

"Regrets....I've had a few. But, then again, too few to mention." Frank Sinatra

It's what we all strive for, I guess. Not everyone gets there.

Good hearing from you, Romulus.

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