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That is a great story. I especially like how to took your time to set it up. I was expecting the box to be empty and finding out that it was a symbolic gesture.

I agree about Toastmasters. In finance, every employer seems to encourage employees to join Toastmasters. I once asked a representative, what do I get to do with you? "Give speeches and learn from others," was the confident reply. I asked another question, "what are the speeches about?" He said, "mostly anything you want."

Feeling bold, I asked him, "how long have you been public speaking?" He proudly told me eight years. Then, confidently, he asked about my experience. I couldn't resist the following answer:

"Let's see, I'm 34 years old, my first public speech was at 12, I average several a year, plus training others, so I'd say about 22 solid years of experience." I was younger than this fellow, and the look I got was priceless. Then he decided I was joking and told me how I would be a natural at public speaking and that he would not want to play poker with me.

Sometimes it is much better when someone doesn't believe you.

tom sheepandgoats

Yep. Sounds about right.

When Mrs. Sheepandgoats and I each gave our first talks at Toastmasters, the moderator said "either you're born naturals, or you've done this before."

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