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I like that. Too bad you didn't finish your acronym. Lets see...

You left off at U, which is Unlikely....

So don't forget the Politicians who change the laws greedy Individuals can Deliver profits to others.

However, no scientific formula looks like a real formula without a square root or division or at least a constant...

So underlying all of this, and having some impact to reduce its effects, Increasing Scientific knowledge, which is added to Agreement of purpose and Sustainability.

Now, we have the base of our formula, but alas there is more...

You see, there is whole different side to this equation that must be added into it. So you have to multiply that equation by the following to get your correct aswer:

The same acronym as before is used, but this time divided by the Diligence of Organizations. Then you also have the Enterprising people who Service the others. Taking the result of all of this and multiplying it by pi will provide one with a nice little equation to explain the failing of all human attempts at self government. Oops! I forgot to square two of the multiplied variables....thus:

{[(STUPID^2)/(IS+AS)] * [(STUPID^2)/(DOES)]} * 3.1415

tom sheepandgoats

Now THAT looks like science! I know it when I see it. Makes that fellow Bea look like a rank amateur.

Furthermore, Screech, ever since Tom Tombaugh quit
we at the Whitepebble Institute have been looking for a new science officer.

Ragoth turned down the job. You interested? Not sure what the job entails. Probably just bragging rights.


Sure. Do I get to call myself Dr. Screech?

tom sheepandgoats

We're working on a super-long title right now, on the theory that the longer the title, the less likely you'll complain about a position without pay.

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