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Interesting post. Sounds like you had a very interesting holiday (that's the kiwi word for vacation). It seems the world is the same all over. We have beautiful coastal areas here too where people enjoying their slice of paradise are very difficult to witness to.
I'm intrigued to know what your assignment was? How far did you travel altogether to fulfill it?
BTW: Is that hippopotomus smiling? He seems to know he's being photographed.

It'll probably be the new system before I venture too far beyond our shores for a holiday. Unfortunately, it's become my habit to holiday no more than 4or 5 hours drive away. I should probably be more adventurous but I keep thinking it's MY assignment that PREVENTS me. Besides I might catch the travel bug.
I keep telling myself "Home's good enough for now".

tom sheepandgoats

I've no formal assignment, really. Just speaking the lingo. Yes, it does look like the hippo is smiling, doesn't it?

And my new "travelogue" category is so embarassingly limited, maybe I'll take it down again. Other than San Diego, my other posts are all a stone's throw from home, just like you.


Some of the most interesting places I've visited have been in our local territory while out witnessing. We get to see all the little 'nooks and crannies' that most people don't get to see and it's all in our own 'back yard'. Perhaps I should start taking a camera with me...

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