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Hi Tom, Nice post.
It's interesting to see how Newsweek is beginning to echo what the witnesses have been saying all along. For years I've listened to people voice sentiments like that in 2 Peter 3:3,4 like how "nothing's really changed." and that "history's merely repeating itself"... "Life will just carry on as it always has" they say.
But as you say, Jehovah's witnesses have never been so active – that's new. We've stepped up our efforts in this part of the world too. At a recent circuit assembly the CO asked for a show of hands from all those enrolled as AP's. Looking around, there was a SEA of raised hands (including mine) in an auditorium with an attendance of about 1,000. Then he announced that 45% of the circuit were signed up for increased activity in April.
As I expected, Satan has responded by stepping up his efforts too, even resorting to outright persecution in some parts of the world. Like Bulgaria for eg. where an angry mob attacked JW's at their memorial celebration last week. Check it for yourself at the following link: (read entire post first)


I personally found it a bit upsetting, it's unedited and pretty graphic, however it moved me to pray intensely for the brothers over there. Note the part the media plays in stirring things up.
Anyway, it shouldn't surprise us that Satan would use the media to keep people in the dark about what's really going on. Of course Newsweek reports on matters from a purely human point of view as does the rest of the media. But as Ezekiel foretells (Ezek. 38:4, 16, 23) The end result is inescapable for Satan as 'Gog' will be reeled in like a big fish by Jehovah God himself. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

tom sheepandgoats

Thanks Dave, you do get the sense things are intensifying.

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