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The Wise Fool

I apologize if my previous comment offended you. I will take this as a sign that you would prefer I avoid commenting at all here. No problem. I'm not trying to win converts, just have discussions.

You are more than welcome to stop by my blog and comment at any time. Speaking of which, I have replied to your earlier comment there. I promise I will not comment any further on your blog beyond this comment.

All the best to you,

tom sheepandgoats


Sorry, I made every effort to reply to your post last night (and was much bummed when I could not). It was not until reading your comment this morning that I tried again, this time using Firefox, and not IE. It works! But for whatever reason, IE would not activate your links. Even though it seemed not to make sense, I figured you had closed that post to comments.

I assure you, I'm not offended at all, nor did I see anything you said (beyond disagreement) that might offend me. Feel free to comment here anytime. Like you, I rather like it when people disagree with me, providing that disagreement is reasonably respectful. As yours easily was.

The Wise Fool

I may have just been a little too hasty! Those comment moderation queues can make it seem like the comment was rejected if it does not appear in a "timely" fashion. :-)

Sorry IE was giving you trouble, and thanks for your persistence!


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