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Gail Melkonian

You are so "right on" about the evangelicals...they will never vote for a "cult,mormon". The best line you had was the getting of the "dead people's vote" after all we know they baptize for them, why not cast their vote for them. TOO FUNNY

tom sheepandgoats

Thank you, Gail. It's high time I start a separate category for Mormons, just like for the evangelicals, since I've certainly written enough about them. There! Done!


And it's also high time I responded to this post. Yep, looks like Romney finally got the long sought nomination, thus fulfilling (in part) the family dream. For a lot of Mormons, and I'm sure some others, this is a pretty significant event. There is in Mormon culture this long standing quest for legitimacy, for recognition, respect, and success from/in the very "world" we are told to be "in but not of". A Mormon President would mean 'they' can't say we're fringe anymore, and that's a driving force for a lot of Mormon yearning for a Romney victory, that and a combination of scripture/tradition/ego that says Mormons are suppose to save the country (and the world).

I myself have some problems with Romney, not least of which would have to be his seeming falseness. He embodies a lot of what people most dislike about Mormonism. He won't be pined down, he's amorphous, seems to be one thing one minute and then something else the next, your sure your not getting the whole story from him, that he's not been entirely straight with you, and that's even compensating for the extent to which you'd normally expect a politician to not be entirely straight with you. He's a weather vain (same thing many Mormon's hated Clinton for). He can say contradictory things with equal conviction, and not understand why you don't believe him. Ohh, there's a lot of thing I could say about Mitt Romney.

There's low enthusiasm for Romney, but there's also a fired up anti-Obama base, so maybe? Solid red Evangelical states he'll carry because there just not going to vote for Obama, though voter turn out may be low. Also remember large Evangelical populations in swing states like Colorado and Nevada are used to voting for Mormons on occasion. Mitt can shift center enough to really compete for some swing states, but the determining factor between now and November is of course the economy. I think that if the economy is reasonably okay 'undecides' will probably prefer to go for Obama, but if it really stinks....

Anyway, a Romney presidency is not something I'd be over enthusiastic about, but I'd give him a chance to win me over.
Oh and by the way, I found this blog entry full of comments from Mormons reminiscing about there experiences with Jehovah's Witnesses, thought you might find it interesting: http://bycommonconsent.com/2010/06/16/studying-with-the-jehovahs-witnesses/

Gig prospector

Awesome article.

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