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People always have trouble seeing beyond the wisdom of the latest trend. To most today, education EQUALS college. There are many other avenues in which one can educate him/herself.

Mike Rowe cracks me up. Check out some of his earlier work on QVC up at YouTube. Classic, classic stuff; they even had to fire him once or twice.

tom sheepandgoats

He's a good writer, that's for sure. I loved his address to the Senate.


In contrast to Finland where having a blue collar job is nothing to be ashamed of. Here regardless of higher education being free, for the most part, people still choose trade school if that is where their inclination is. Going to university is seen as admirable but not as the only choice. The world is full od awesome jobs not requiring it. Our army of skilled welders keep moving to America for that reason, you haven't got enough.

I myself have aplied to the school of aplied sciences for a three year degree in social work. I have chosen it over a university degree because it takes a shorter time and the jobs it opens up to me are going to be less administration and more working with people directly.

I started out on a bachelor's degree in creative writing because I loved writing and learning, not because it was a good career move. Sometimes one's passions and interests do not take them to the money and people need to realize this. I still write but I am never going to make money with it.

tom sheepandgoats

There are views that are uniquely American, as you explained in one of your posts on how Finnish evangelicals differ from American evangelicals. This 'holy grail' of college view may be one of them. You put it well when you wrote of areas where blue collar work is "nothing to be ashamed of."


Don’t act so surprised; you’re showing your age! Don’t you realize we’re more than a decade into the new millennium, the 21st century. All projections of the 20th century had robots doing such menial tasks as welding, for crying out loud! Science and technology were touted as being mankind’s road to salvation, the panacea that was put on a pedestal to be adored, if not worshiped outright. Don’t you know it’s a brave new world, where yesterday’s folk heroes have been replaced with today’s super heroes? Ah, yes! Where’s Joe DiMaggio when you need him? Why would anyone of average intelligence aspire to slave his life away at a blue collar job, when he could shoot for the stars, using his brain instead of his back, with a university or college degree? Sadly, Mike Rowe is a throw-back to a by-gone era, a working-man’s man, if you will. Most young people today just don’t buy the, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-let’s-get-dirty mentality he’s selling, (or is it Fords?). Besides that, most blue-collar jobs today, seem to be going to so-called minorities, who in some areas, actually constitute a majority demographic. This in itself is a real deterrent for potential non-minority applicants to compete for these jobs. And so the plot thickens. Is it any wonder that only God’s Kingdom can satisfy the real needs of all mankind?

tom sheepandgoats

sigh....and all I wanted to be was a thruway toll ticket taker.


Thanks to a lifetime of manual labor,I still have washboard abs at 50,and yes I love my Job.Call me a simpleton if you must but money isn't everything.


Plumbing job really sucks, i should rather stay away from it..

tom sheepandgoats

Quite a few jobs suck, both blue and white collar. But the ministry feels good.

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