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Oh that Trump shared your modesty!

Rob Valkeneers

Gobitas is the correct spelling. Gobitis misspelling from US Supreme Court. Gobitus= Tom's alternative spelling. There is little hope the Russian Supreme Court will overturn: 1. i presume they can only do so if there has been a mistake in legal reasoning 2. the legislation was especiallydesigned to target Jehovah's witnesses, 3. the law enforcement since Russia's Supreme Court's decision is harsh (even denying alternative service in Krimea) and undoubtedly directed by the highest in political office. 4. There is no first Lady Roosevelt speaking in Russia nor is there a general outrage in Russia over the decision. In fact almost no one over the globe is speaking out...

Tom Harley

Since there really WAS no legal reasoning, anything can happen. But I agree that no one is holding their breath on this one.

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