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Yes Tom, I two emailed the reporter on his first hit piece, cleared up several of what were obviously outright falsehoods, and never got a reply. That tells me that they are not a good newspaper and probably only want a sensationalize story.

But these stories are really told by lying apostates, using papers as a vehicle, designed to take people down an emotional rabbit hole that they can’t climb out of. Some fall down it, others don’t.

To avoid it, I usually recommend learning the facts from the source, and that is a huge advantage. As a secondary, promise yourself you’ll never get angry or upset if you read something like that. It design to stir the
emotions anyway. Keep that in mind.

tom harley

It is true in some cases that we are talking "lying apostates," but I would not say all, or necessarily even most. Or to the extent some of them are, they became so triggered by experiences they suffered through. As to the reporters themselves, most are crusaders of one sort or another. A few may specialize in this one story, but most go on to uncover sordid stories in many other contexts.

Apostates may have caught their ear, but when the ones affected tell stories of sexual abuse...yes, it is gut-churning. Of course, it is gut-churning no matter where one reads it, and while a reader is directed to target his wrath in this article at a certain group of people, he should read all the other reports too, and he will explode with outrage at nearly everyone. Overall, it does not speak well for humanity.

There have been many child sexual abuse cases with a JW connection. However, there have been many more almost anywhere else, and overall the Witness record of prevention is most likely well above that of general society. I hope to be developing such points in future posts.

It is not the Philly Inquirer here, who decline to print alternate views. When it comes to giving an answer to accusations, this is very much a David vs Goliath story. But we will do what we can. Sometimes with shares and retweets some imbalance can be corrected.

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