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Several ex-witness opposers made several reviews that pointed out some pretty important inaccuracies, namely:

The girls who had the child out of wedlock was told to eventually marry the boy and also bring him to meetings. That doesn’t happen.

One of the jw characters stole the baby to keep it from dying at Armageddon. Yeah, when has that ever happened?

Jws are sad faced and downtrodden in the movie. Really?

Even though I wouldn’t financially support such a ridiculous movie, you can give a review based on the reputation of apostates:

- They attempt to make us seem as unnattractive as possible since they cannot disprove our beliefs. Pretty much all of their literature and media are largely untruthful and unreliable.

tom harley

When I repeated the substance of the above in an tweet reply, I was told I ought best see the movie, as what I had said was not true. I didn't squabble over it. How would I know? I acknowledged that third parties are notoroiously unreliable.

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