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Wanna Buy a Citroen?

There is no sense going through life as a sorehead. If someone makes a joke at your expense and it’s funny and it’s not malicious, you don’t get huffy. You don’t get bent out of shape. You don’t get en- or out- raged. Supersensitive people find any joke aimed their way malicious, but it’s good not to see things that way

There’s this car company in Europe that thinks we, Jehovah’s Witnesses, are going to sell their cars for them. The Citroen C3. Want to buy one? Maybe they‘ll give me a commission.

Yes, we take it on the chin a little, but the ad is funny. I love the foot in the door! And not really mean. Sure, we come across as colorless, but, truth be known, not all of us are teeming with color. Besides, the car is cute. I might buy one if they sold them here. But they don’t, and I’m not going to Holland to get one.

Separately, but still in the joke department, a cartoon making the rounds has Osama Bin Laden answering his cave door. His visitors are two of our people, scrubbed and smiley as we are reputed to be, offering answers to life’s problems. The caption: Jehovah’s Witnesses find Bin Ladin.

We’ll take it. No one else has found him.

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