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New Year, New Goal, Same as Last Year

Once a year, we’re all encouraged to set goals. Goals are good, and we may languish without them.

A fine goal might be to read the entire Bible through in a year. Or to study this or that theocratic publication. Or to improve the quality, or quantity, of our ministry. Or to conduct a Bible study with someone. Or to improve in commenting at meetings. Or to better manifest some Christian quality that has, thus far, proved elusive. Or……well, you get the idea.

Me, my goals are more modest. It is my goal, come Sunday, to reach for the Watchtower magazine that will be used during that day’s meeting, and instantly lay hold of it. I don’t want to sift through every other issue that’s ever been published, finding them all except the one that I want! I want to grab the correct one, right away, without fanfare.

When I confided my goal to Derrick, he, as elders do, tried to be encouraging, but didn’t want to see me disappointed. Well, he said, the goal has to be attainable.

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