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Pop Goes to the Movies!

Pop hadn’t seen a movie in thirty years. We had to act. No one should be so culturally deprived. He would, no doubt, thank us later.

Oceans 11 was playing at the time. At the theater, we kept darting Pop sidelong glances.

Afterwards came the verdict. Pretty violent, he began.

Seconds later: Pretty loud.

And why all that cursing? Why is there so much cursing?

And These guys aren’t cool! You think these guys are cool? Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin (the original Oceans 11), those guys were cool! These guys aren’t cool.

No point trying to argue. We realized we’d chosen the wrong film.

Lord of the Rings was playing. Let’s show Pop what movie makers with computers can do today! But I started to worry during the film. I liked it well enough the first time around, but now it seemed repetitive. Midway through the movie, I heard snoring.

“Hey, Pop,” I shook him, “we don’t have to sit through this if you don’t want to.”

Huh?…what…it stinks? He replied.

He groused all the way home. And what about Gordon? That dragon came after Gordon and they just left him in the cave! How could they do that to Gordon?

It was Gandalf, not Gordon.

What can I say? Some people just don’t like movies.

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Ha! Great story! I'd have to agree with him. More and more I'm finding movies are less worth watching. I still have my favorites (Lord of The Rings, Star Wars sextology, and Steve Martin's movies from the 80's and early 90's).

Yup, special effects are cool, but I miss the attention to the story line. I can only stand so much violence (aka "action"), sex (aka "love interest"), and language (aka "colorful metaphors").

Which reminds me: after Brokeback Mountain came out, I lost a lot of interest in film. They ruined my view of the American Cowboy (aka: Marlboro Man, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood) forever! The sad thing is, I didn't see it. I'm afraid of what's going to happen next...


Yeah, I really connected with the "Gordon" character in Lord of the Rings also. When the "dragon" came after him and he seemed to die, I was pretty shaken up.

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