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Tom Sheepandgoats Rated R!

In the time-honored bloggers' way of wasting time, I discovered a colleague bloggerwho's blog is rated G. He crows about it. And he gives the website where you can rate your own blog.

Of course, this is irresistible, so I entered my own url. Surely, if this fellow gets a G, then my blog....pure and clean and beautiful....will also score a....

I'm rated R!  R!!!! Me! Righteous, pious, loveable Tom Sheepandgoats!!! Surely this is a ruse of the devil, and I only wish that nonsense about him having horns and pointy tail was really true and that I could trade places for a moment because then I would hunt down those internet clowns and jab them in the tush with my pitchfork!

The rating is based on key words and how often those words appear. I had some shockers:

death  (8x)
hell (2x)
murder (1x)

Look, this is a blog that deals with religious notions. Sure, "death" and "hell" have been mentioned. I don't quite recall where "murder" was used, though. Before logging on to a certain web rating service, the notion of murder had never occurred to me.

Now, in this politically correct age, before anyone take that last remark seriously, allow me to point out that it should not be taken seriously. It's a joke. Ha ha.

Which, incidentally, reminds me of the time in my youth (late 50's, early 60's) when it was routine for someone to say "I'll kill you," or "I'll kill you for that," as a means of expressing disapproval, or even in jest. Reacting to some childhood shenanigans, I vividly recall my mother saying "I'll kill you." It was said almost approvingly, with affection, as if acknowledging that "boys will be boys." She never did kill me, because if she had, then I wouldn't be here wri....well, she just never did.

Take, for example, that 1957 movie Twelve Angry Men, which I highly recommend. The twelve jurors are ready to quickly convict a kid for murder. ("Murder" again! Rats! There goes any hope of cleaning up my blog rating!) It seems an open-shut case, with eyewitnesses! But in deliberations, one juror votes "innocent," not because he thinks the kid is innocent, but only because he thinks anyone on trial for his life (yes, these were the days of the electric chair) deserves to have testimony patiently reviewed. Discussions uncover some things not given due weight during the trial. By degrees, the jurors all come over to the acquittal side. The 2nd last juror is tough to sway, and the last is next to impossible. Emotions are high, overshadowing (as the frequently do) reason. In frustration, the last guy shrieks "I'll kill you!" "You didn't mean that literally, did you?" comes the retort, and the stubborn fellow crumbles. There goes the last piece of substantial evidence, for the kid had been heard to say "I'll kill you!"

How far we've come through the years. Now, no one would ever say such a thing as "I'll kill you"....you'd have the hate-speech police all over you. But people have fewer qualms about doing it, something infrequent in the old days.

Rated R, my rear end! This system is almost as hokey as the movie ratingsystem.



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Fun read! Are your posted comments part of the rating system? If so: murder, death, death, murder... ;-P

tom sheepandgoats

I don't think they are. I think it's only the index page that counts. But I'm not taking any chances. To bring up my rating, from now on I'm only saying cheery, syrupy things....

You have a nice day!!


Such a positive attitude! Lovely weather we're having! Let's blog about the movie where the deer gets orphaned and he gets all sorts of forest friends! No, wait, there's death in that movie...Maybe about the family that has a dog that they name, "'Ol Yeller." Darn it, death there too. Perhaps current music? No wait, that's much worse...

tom sheepandgoats

Listen, I know you mean well but you're not helping here. You said the D word twice! You should have said "no, wait, there's a xxxxx in that movie."

I'm probably NC-17 by now, maybe even triple X.

Romulus Crowe

I still can't understand why death is a Bad Word. We all have to do it, sooner or later. It's natural, normal, and expected of us.

Likewise sex. If nobody did it, there'd be no replacements for those of us that die. Yet both are regarded as terrible, terrible things.

Why do we bother at all, I wonder? If the things we, biologically, have to do are wrong, then what's the point of doing anything at all?

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