Never Ever Trust a Brother that Drives a Bugatti Roadster
How is Mr. Claus Doing on His Bible Study?

It's a Conspiracy!

There is a local brother given to conspiracy theories..

He's a fine brother. I like him, as does everyone else. He keeps it under control. He never mentions it from the platform. At least, not during prayer.

How can one resist not ribbing him? God will understand.

I got the ball rolling myself, then sent several brothers his way. "Make up a conspiracy theory about the Supermoon. Doesn't matter what. Mention in passing that you heard about it." How long till he knows he's been set up?

His grandson latched on with the most enthusiasm of anyone. "Yeah! Tell him it's altered gravity, changing the price of silver!"

I'm worried that the visit of our circuit overseer may distract some from their practical joke duties. It's hard to find good help today. I didn't include the C.O. in my plot. He's already charged with counseling the same brother about taking the trapezoid shaped parking space, making it unavailable for me to park there when I show up in my trapezoid car.

No names, please, should you comment. I'll take it down. And post something worse about you!


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