It helps me to explain why the doomsday clock says five minutes to midnight and not ten-thirty AM!
Ministering to Refugees - from 'Tom Irregardless and Me'

Oh, For Crying Out Loud

Oh, for crying out loud! Who would quibble over words like this?

Go to the other organization that covers the globe with a united Christian message, that keeps its members no part of a decaying world, that builds a website of 850 languages to facilitate preaching, that hosts conventions for the entire membership annually, that gets persecuted without valid cause.

Go to them and tell me who they are. I'll join you.

Go find a church where they let all the above examples of Christian worship go right to seed while they quibble about words. If it wasn't spirit directed, it would have fallen apart long ago.

Embrace 80 years and die, if anyone thinks that's so wonderful. On your grave marker quote Frank Sinatra: 'I Did it My Way.'

If they ever screwed up in words, even if they do it still, apparently God has forgiven them. No, He doesn't talk to me. I don't really know. But I do know what's right in front of my nose. If He didn't work with them, they'd be just like one of this world's religions, their unity blown to smithereens by the slightest breeze of contemporary controversy.

There are codes of conduct solidly based in scripture. There are a few from scripture which could be argued another way. Go find the organization that has argued it the other way without abandoning the core deeds.

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