Persecution in Russia
Skewer the Liars Who Slander the Christ

The Babylonian Exile


I never could get my head around our previous take on the Babylonian exile. Or care. I mean, a Bible drama fulfilled in a one-year event?

But the new package revealed Sunday makes so much more sense.

'That new point the Governing Body wrote about?' said Mike Tussen's years ago. 'You may have already noticed that point in your studying. And if this were Christendom, you'd run out and start your own religion over it.'

I know it is probably my bad, but I don't care about these things. What's the present understanding? I'll spin it that way out of loyalty. Should the understanding change someday, I'll spin it the new way. It doesn't affect my basic relationship with Jehovah or his Son.

I don't recommend that attitude, or hold it out as some example. But I just can't get too worked up over such things. They are 'cool' but not essential.

photo: Carla216

Tom Irregardless and Me 30% free preview. After that, we'll talk, your people and mine.

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