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Go to the Shop Content with Duct Tape, Vice Grips, and WD40?

From Tom Irregardless and Me:

“the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses, is the most widely translated website on earth today. This should not be surprising. If you are serious about proclaiming ‘this good news of the kingdom in all the inhabited earth,’ (Matthew 24:14) then naturally, you will have such a site. Image I’m critical of those who don’t; when your car needs repair, do you take it to the shop that has equipped itself with every modern tool? Or do you go to the shop content to operate with hammer, vice grips, WD-40, and duct tape? The extent of’s translating is amazing - it includes more than 800 languages.”

I’m dumbfounded when I see brothers unduly concerned over topics like ‘spirit directed’ or ‘Jehovah’s modern-day prophet.’  If they harp on it, I question their motive. The now-880 or so languages means nothing? How many does the next religious organization have – maybe 12? Isn’t it like comparing the modern auto shop with the one that relies on duct tape? Shouldn’t anyone serious about carrying out Christ’s commission to preach be so well-equipped? Aren’t they inept at best and frauds at worst if they have not equipped themselves in such a way?

Why would anyone want to be a fly on the wall in the inner rooms of Bethel? Who cares? It’s their business and they apparently have a lot to show for the work they do. It is Western media that Imagedrives the destructive meme that there should be no confidential talk – that it’s our business to look over the shoulders of all in government – that persons should ‘take responsibility’ or be ‘held accountable’ every time they fart.

I’ll focus on the 880 languages and the one organization that has so obviously succeeded in carrying out Christ’s words.


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The vast number of languages that we have literature published in is a marvel and something to be proud of. However, we, as Witnesses, really should not be using these figures as a measure of God’s blessing, and especially not as a way of singling ourselves out as uniquely God’s people. The reason for this should be obvious: since parts of Christendom – the whore of Babylon – publishes the Bible and associated material in more languages than we do, then it follows that these ones also would have God’s blessing, which would likewise abolish any one particular group as being uniquely God’s people (see the works of, or the Wycliffe Alliance)...

Yes, having 880 languages does count for something. But these notches won’t be found on the yardstick that measures the temple, so to speak.

Take care,


Tom Harley

It's a good point. Are there churches that have published the Bible in more languages than Or merely commercial publishers? I haven't looked at that.

If you carry on about the 880 languages just to boast, I agree, it is inappropriate. But if you point to them as evidence that yours is an organization that takes Matt 24:14 seriously, I think there's nothing wrong with that.

Besides the '880 languages' stand for more than the languages themselves, in my book. They stand for all the Witness organization has done to promote and advance true Christianity.

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