What an Idiot Tom Harley Is
We Will Not be Able to Do it Perfectly

Groundhog Takes the Snap

35! 17! 82! Hut! Hut!

Groundhog takes the snap and fades back. Looking for a receiver open. Center is covered. Tight end is a no-go. Groundhog getting good coverage so far. He looks downfield. He's trying to find a receiver for his new E-book 'No Fake News but Plenty of Hogwash.' Image

About to throw - no. That wide center is covered. He looks some more. WHOA! What a hit! There's E-books and rat fur everywhere! Charlie, it's not very often you see a hit like that!

That's right, Sudsy - that was vicious. They pretty much dug a new hole for the smelly rodent. It will be a while before they pick up those E-books. There will be no release just yet.


Tom Irregardless and Me. 30% free preview. After that, we'll talk - your people and mine.

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