On Groundhogs Days Eve Around the World, the Great Hog Appears to Little Children Everywhere
What an Idiot Tom Harley Is



If the rat can see his shadow when he emerges from his lair, (he's having coffee, now, and he sometimes enjoys 60+ cups) he releases his promised e-book 'No Fake News but Plenty of Hogwash.' ImageIf he doesn't see it, he tries to pawn off his old book, which everybody is getting pretty sick of by now, 'Tom Irregardless and Me. bit.ly/2hjSMHE

It's too soon to tell. The day is cloudy, not a fair test.

C'mon! You think it's easy writing an e-book in a groundhog lair?

Tom Irregardless and Me         No Fake News But Plenty of Hogwash

Defending Jehovah’s Witnesses with style from attacks... in Russia, with the ebook ‘I Don’t Know Why We Persecute Jehovah’s Witnesses—Searching for the Why’ (free).... and in the West, with the ebook ‘TrueTom vs the Apostates!’ (free)


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