We Will Not be Able to Do it Perfectly

What an Idiot Tom Harley Is

On Groundhog Day the Great Hog attempts to fulfill any contractual obligations before emerging from is hole. He usually has a gig or two lined up and he has cashed in on his reputation by selling Hyundais, mattresses, and time-shares.

This year was to be his greatest for he had inked a deal with the famous JW author Tom Harley for a coordinated GH day release of his second E-book 'No Fake News but Plenty of Hogwash. He rushed inside his lair, toward the opening, carrying a stack of dozens. However, it had rained the night before, the roof collapsed and all copies of Tom' wonderful book are muddy messes that must be hosed off.

What an idiot Tom Harley is! Why can't he release an e-book like everyone else on the planet? He thoroughly tried everyone's patience with his Tom Irregardless and Me. I mean, we were thoroughly underwhelmed with the book.One fellow even said it was preachy! He's nuts! Well, it does rant a little, maybe, but it doesn't harangue. Tom is very quickly wearing thin.

Give it a day or two and the new book will be out.

Tom Irregardless and Me. ****  No Fake News but Plenty of Hogwash


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