When You are Writing the Russians, Tell Them Something They Don't Know
An Appeal to Russia from an 80-Year-Old Who Has Seen it All

Fear the King. Do Not Treat him With Disrespect

We should not 'laugh' at the spectacle of these guys not being able to move as freely because we have flooded their mail. If anything, we should apologize for it, with the caveat that the situation is desperate for us, we didn't know what else to do, and we felt we had to get their attention somehow. Fear the king. Do not treat him with disrespect.

To the extent any of us are indiscreet, making 'taunting' comments like "You think you're tough, big man? Well, wait till you see what OUR God can do," I can easily imagine someone at Bethel not being enthused over social media. I haven't seen many of these remarks, but I have seen some. If there's one thing we know about Russian police, it is that they want to be respected. And our brothers in Russia DO respect them, to be sure - it is just that they respect and fear and love Jehovah more. Before we make any comment, it seems well to ask ourselves whether a Russian brother would say it.



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