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Everything We Hear Suggests They Are a Beautiful People

"The People’s Republic of China recently announced it would reorganize media operations to better represent its people before the world. Yes. Tell us about them, for we want to know. Just like you hosted the ping pong team long ago (and let them win some games!), now tell us more. Go light on the politics if you can for we have learned to tune that out everywhere - just tell us what are the ground rules for public order and we will follow them when we visit.

"But, yes, tell us of the Chinese people. Everything we see and hear suggests they are a beautiful people. They were held back for years by outside interference. Their struggle thereafter has been intense. They have caught up with, and in many ways surpassed, progress in the West. I write from Rochester, a city 300 years old, yet 3 or 4 skyscrapers, really just ‘tall buildings,’ suffice for area needs. You have myriad cities of myriad skyscrapers. That cannot occur without wise stewardship. We know that. We respect that. Please don’t interfere with the preaching of the good news of the Kingdom, for it is no threat. Applied Bible principles will only aid you in your efforts to promote and preserve moral decency among your people.

"Don’t be put out if Tom Pearlsnswine says something dumb. Believe me, he drives us nuts, too. But we are stuck with him. You are wise and can distinguish between a person with quirks and an overall policy. Perhaps you can teach him some discretion and tact – good luck on that! Or report him to us and we will do it – good luck on that, too! It’s just an assumption on my part – I don’t really know. I merely assume he does dopey things where you are because he does dopey things everywhere. He’s a nut - there’s no two ways about it. But he wouldn’t hurt a fly and he loves pandas."


From Tom Irregardless and Me


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