Look For the People Individually Praised but Collectively Maligned
Possibly He Did Not Want, Even for an Hour, to be Chief Spokesman for the Devil

What is an Extremist Organization

The special broadcast from the world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses, in the aftermath of the verdict, built everyone up. Mark Sanderson, of the GB, present throughout the trial, summarized the atmosphere even more so than the actual proceedings.

Early indications that the trial would be little more than a sham to rubberstamp a decision already made were spotlighted - 18 of the defense teams's motions instantly denied, for example, letting all know that videotaped evidence exonerating us would not be seen by the court. Embassy officials of other nations were able to see it, of course, as is everyone else, since it has been displayed for some time at jw.org. Their turn was to come, as the court also denied to hear testimony from them on the JW record.

The brothers were pleased, nonetheless, for the witness given, that six of our people provided clear, cogent testimony reflecting the true nature of our worship and work.

Toward the end, our people were able to remind the court that it was not really them before the Russian authorities. Rather, it was everyone, defense and prosecution alike, arguing before the Supreme Court of the universe.

Russian brothers gave assurance of their intentions to serve Jehovah steadfastly regardless of their new circumstances, and to do it with the Christian trademark of never returning evil for evil.

Moved by this broadcast, ISIS world headquarters rehearsed their own special broadcast to be made in the event they, too, should ever get into hot water with the Russians. They, too, tried to line up interviewees to upbuild their crew. They were thwarted in this, however, because any person that stepped forward was instantly blown full of holes by ISIS members with AK-47s.

This happened because ISIS is an extremist group.

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