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The Key is to Muzzle Ray Rattyon

Once our elders muzzled Ray Rattyon, comments at our Kingdom Hall took off. Not immediately. There was dead air for a time, as the friends adjusted to the idea that they  too, might get a turn.

There is nothing worse than a brother or sister who rattles on and on. Congregations that find the friends do not comment can fix the problem by gagging the windbags. If they do not, the average publisher rolls his eyes and gives up. In time, he gives up preparing.

Thirty seconds or less. Elders should insist upon it. They need not be like Hitler over it, but Mussolini is okay.  It's not the end of the world if one or two slip by occasionally. But it is if it becomes a torrent.

Elders should be reminded of it (privately). They will come on board, for it is counsel from Bethel. They all know it. They just worry about hurting Ray's feelings, but with tact, they can explain it to him in a way he will accept. They probably do not even have to speak with Ray. They should simply state the '30 second or less' goal frequently, Rather than 'encourage your comments,' it should be 'encourage your comments in 30 seconds or less.' Not only does that allow for more comments, but it helps Ray to speak and think more concisely, which is a good thing. if he learns to do it here, perhaps he will learn to do it at the door, and householders will not flee in terror as he approaches.

Don't discourage Ray. It's an adjustment for him. He's been in the truth forever and he really does have good things to say. Thank the congregation when it keeps comments brief.

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