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Lord of the Flies with Females - How would they act?

Sometimes you have to do a brain dump so things do not back up. There is much to provoke thoughts, lately.

For example, astronomers have spotted an asteroid which will make the closest approach ever to earth. Is this reason to take cover, as timid ones have suggested? No! Rise to the occasion. This is your moment. 

Knock it out of the park! Batter UP!!

They have also pointed out that daylight hours have been receding - so gradually that many do not notice. Their inattention will kill them, as some Bible verse says somewhere or ought to. This could be a worse crisis than global warming. Act now! Do not wait until it all disappears - when it will be too late.

On the movie front, two men have proposed an update of Lord of the Flies, that film where boys stranded on a desert island went savage, with an all-female cast. "Women wouldn't act that way!" critics have cried.

Question: How would they act? One moment while I take cover. Or maybe I'll just step into the path of that asteroid.

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