What Sayeth Bob Dylan About Social Justice? - Nothing!
Mattress Mack Comes Through in Houston

You Wondered Which One Would Drop Over First

At times, these Driftwood musicians got into such frenzied fervor that you wondered which one would drop over first. Booming vocals, whether solo or harmony. Tweaking every ounce of power from their instruments. “They wield old-time instruments…with a punk-rock ethos” says the site. Their encore was Bob Dylan’s ‘Tom Thumb Blues.”
“Sometimes a band can just appear out of nowhere and make a sound so agreeable and enticing it almost seems like they’re the product of some divine destiny. Driftwood offers an ideal example of that phenomenon” – Country Standard Time. Yes, that would be about right.
They played last night in the Band on the Bricks music series at the Public Market – a series of free concerts that has run a few years now. In the middle of a ragged area, it’s the ideal locale for music when it’s not doing market duty. When it is, the farmer becomes rock star – wheeling and dealing, cajoling and enticing. Black Mack would sometimes arrive near closing time to snatch last minute clear-the-truck deals. “What am I going to do with a whole case of cabbage,” he’d grouse, before grabbing it for a dollar and treating everyone in the congregation to cabbages.
If the Public Market scene is a diamond culled from an armpit, so is it where this group hails from. IBM pulled out of Binghamtom decades ago and the town does not impress – it's painful to see houses die because you can't spin gold out of straw - but the band doens't see it that way.
“Growing up in the Chenango Bridge/Binghamton area, I never really thought about it being an economically depressed town. To me, it was a perfect balance of rivers, woods, campfires, street signs, factories, and city lights,” says a band member. Now “I relate to the sort of underdog/uphill feel of the town,” which “makes us very raw.” You cannot go wrong tracking these guys down if they come to town. Driftwood
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