Ever Had a Day Like This?
Help Me Out on a Call

Just Lacking a Few Duck Stragglers

A speaker at the 1974 District Convention in NYC held up the Daily News. Ford had just replaced Nixon and he wanted to psyche everyone up. Huge headlines read: 'Peace and Security!' "Have you seen today's headlines?" he cried.

It was irresistible. I would have done it, too.

One day will be THE day but it is hard to know up front which one it will be. It does add weight, however, that this world gets more unhinged with each and every passing day. Ducks were lined up back then, but only six or seven. Today the lineup is 195. Still waiting for a straggler or two.

How long does the experiment in human rule continue, before it is amply demonstrated a total failure in need of God's kingdom to strike the feet of iron and clay?

Will terrorists one day walk the streets like the cop used to walk his beat?

Will it come about that it is just as likely to see a pregnant man as a pregnant woman?

Will the species threaten to die out, because sex with AI robots so out-appeals the real thing?

Or will these scenes not need to play out? 8394384671_e2dd96f4b9_b


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