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Now THAT would be 'Power of the Children'

Yes, I found the original tweet and it is how I remembered it:
"High school students are talking on message boards to make April 20th the day they all walk out of school and don’t come back until Congress updates the gun laws as it’s their lives on the line. Plz retweet or share for visibility as this is a great idea.." #FloridaSchoolshooting
The panicked grownups have tried to water it down to some symbolic nonsense involving a one-day boycott of 17 minutes for 17 students. But imagine if it was done for real - imagine if they didn't come back until things were fixed. Now THAT would be the power of the children. Shut down the education industry. Don't you think THAT would impel the powers that be to not rest until they came up with some sort of a solution!
It would be like people refusing to go into the war. The children don't have to weigh in on which side it right. That is for their mentors to figure out. It's exactly how things should be framed: Not gun-free vs armed veterans on patrol. Not right vs left. No. Let it be children vs adults.
Why should they walk into a potential shooting gallery each day? Maybe Nancy Reagan had a point: "Just say no."
It might be a new role for the FBI. Make them truant officers.
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