Now THAT would be 'Power of the Children'
I Can Hear the Charges of 'Stealing From God' Now

These Two Beauts Didn't Make the Cut, Though I Like Them Both

Not everything will make the cut in editing. It is always good to write far more than you will need and prune later.

I like the following two paragraphs, but decided they had to go. They are a little too self-indulgent for the Education chapter, and they champion homeschooling, which is not at all a concern of the book. They may show up somewhere someday, but shelve them as regards the present book on Russian persecution:

"Many an educated person has chosen menial work, so as to not turn his or her mind over to corporate or government interests –  ‘the Man.’ The Man may reward you materially, but he does not do so without demanding your soul. This writer stumbled across a BBC list of the top 100 important books of all time. I discovered that I had read over half – no other commenter had read more. Is it personal boasting to mention this? Hardly. Take it as an invitation to be a janitor, for it is while so employed that I ‘read’ most of them via ‘Books on Tape.’ The Man would have never granted me the time. Even in college he would not have done that. On Twitter, I came across a CEO who grumbled: “Stupid janitor forgot to leave an extra roll of toilet paper – I’m screwed.” I tweeted back: “I read 54 of the BBC’s topic 100 books as a janitor via Books on Tape. Sorry about the toilet paper.” One must think outside of the box of today’s strait-jacketed educational system, which is often little more than indoctrination into the prevalent thinking of this world.

"They wouldn’t let my homeschooled son read when he briefly forayed into public schooling - it was ever workbooks for him. When he later entered community college, they declared his math skills age-appropriate, but his reading skills “off the charts.” “I had no idea that there were so many stupid people,” he innocently remarked later. How can they not be stupid? The intellectual diet of this system of things is one of pop culture, transitory trends, and video games. He had never been denied those things; he had simply been directed to keep them in their place. And nobody on the homeschool front gave two hoots about workbooks. He could read all day if he wanted to and sometimes he did. ‘He reads?’ exclaimed a local educator – an ally – to my wife who had asked what she should do, and then ventured: “Don’t do anything” – do not mess up that formula."

Actually, maybe some parts of this I will stick in after all - weave it into other paragraphs where it will not hijack the overall theme.

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