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"We Are Not in America" Russian Witnesses Are Told

Reports Chivchalov on February 9: (Anton Chivchalov Blog) 
"At least 16 dwellings of civilians in Belgorod and 12 dwellings in Kemerovo ... are suspected of continuing the activities of the organization "Management Center of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia".
"In the evening of February 7, 2018 in Belgorod, large groups of law enforcement officers, consisting of police officers, the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and armed fighters of the SOBR, simultaneously invaded a number of private houses of local residents. In some cases citizens were thrown on the floor, put to the wall, then all were forcibly taken to the police, in the homes they searched.
… citizens were confiscated from the Bible, all electronic devices and media, passports, money, in some cases even photos hanging on the wall. Already the next day, interrogations of citizens began, which are in the police on the agenda. It became known that an investigation team was established, consisting of 12 (!) Investigators of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. …
"In Kemerovo, …[an official suspected that] at least 14 local residents continue to profess the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses. The judge of the central district court of the city of Kemerovo, Irina Ivanova, at one point satisfied at once at least 12 of her motions. As a result, a search was carried out in 12 houses of peaceful believers, which continued even during the night. In some cases, armed SOBR officers in masks opened their doors by force, bursting in, putting civilians face to the wall with their arms raised or falling to the floor. The apartment was sometimes invaded by more than 10 people, including police officers, Rosgvardia and the Investigative Committee. Citizens were denied the opportunity to make a phone call or to invite a lawyer; the refusal was accompanied by an explanation of Stanislav Shlagov, senior police officer for particularly important cases: "We are not in America."
"Citizens, including women and the elderly, experience a state close to shock. Many have exacerbated chronic diseases. Telephones, tablets, computers, personal belongings, information carriers are confiscated. It is reported that witnesses who were present during the searches were familiar with the police and actively assisted them, in some cases with their tips."
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