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It Will be a Plate of Cookies for the Memorial at Least

My wife's student went to her first Sunday meeting last week and we traveled a few miles to accompany her. She doesn't get out in public that often and had been stressing. She got real sick (nothing contagious) the morning of, but she figured it was the devil and decided to come, come - uh - heck or high water. It is a very warm congregation, and who could possibly have found fault with the speaker? She enjoyed it a lot.
She had previously been fretting about the Memorial, which she also plans to attend."The thing is, I just don't know how many will be there," she says. Anybody that knows her knows what she is thinking - how many will there be to cook for? since that is her M.O. She has a plate of cookies in mind, at least.
Wait till she sees how the bread is passed around but nobody touches it. They will have to stop her from passing her tray of cookies afterwards to feed all the poor hungry people. Cookies

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