I Mean, Bernie Sanders is so 'Been There, Done That'
He Literally Stole the Illustration

The Travesty of 'Irregardless'

Kermit Way from the book Tom Irregardless and Me was a real person, referred to by his real name. At his funeral it was said that, not only was he a gentleman, but also that he was a gentle man. It was true. A more refreshing person would be hard to find.

Kermit is the one who successfully dissuades a brother from using the word 'Irregardless.' This also is true. He told the account to me, and I am the one who unsuccessfully, 30 years later, tried to get someone else to stop saying it.

Alas, unlike in Kermit's day, the word WAS found in the dictionary. True, it was labeled 'irregular,' but that was a point far too subtle for the one I was speaking with. #TomIrregardless

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