The Icing on the Cake Comes in the New System
You Don't Have to Rub Their Noses in It


After three books, you would think I would have learned not to release them prematurely. You would think I would learn that reading them through a few times and running them through proof-readers is not enough. I think this book needed more corrections than the other two combined. Maybe because it was more ambitious. Maybe because most paragraphs weren’t written concurrently and many first appeared somewhere else in modified form. Even the ’extremism free’ version fell short of its goal. I have fixed it.

It’s embarrassing. And I apologize to whoever downloaded it. I got impatient, is all I can say. Download it again, if you will. The price is the same: free. All errors are out, and most were not really errors in the first place, but just clunky expressions or oddball punctuation that I brought under control.

Hmm. Is there a search tool that looks for ending a sentence with a preposition? I still have a few of those, but other than an English teaching harrumphing over it, the sin is probably not that great. And the education chapter still strikes me as a little too unfocused. But overall, I am happy with Dear Mr. Putin, and whoever has downloaded it, I invite them to do it again.

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