Picking up Women at the Dog Park
Most Church Doctrines Are Not Found in the Bible

'How Did We Do?' Everyone Wants to Know

You know, you did real good. Real good! You held out your hand, I put money in it, and you took it. You even smiled at me and said "Have a nice day!". When I got home I looked in the bag and what I bought was right there where it should have been. So I rate you very highly, indeed.
Please send me some more surveys so I can expound upon this transaction, because it was a good one. The rest of life can wait. It's just buying crap from other parties, anyway, who may not do as good as you.
...I pondered this as went though my daily routine in the bathroom. My routine completed, I returned to my computer, only to find a new email. "How did we do?" inquired Ace Toilet.
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