There Was Not a Moment to Lose
Banned at the Apostate Website!

My My My My My My My My, What a Mess!”

One elder here is a bug on pointing out that more and more homes record video and sound on their front porch, so publishers must be cautious.

Me, I say ‘Bring it on.’ They are going to hear a normal person speaking about normal things. In a way, that even adds to whatever witness we give.

Of course, if the house is unkempt, you cannot say like Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive, “My my my my my my my my, what a mess!”

Nor can you do what that old circuit overseer did as a gag for the benefit of his buddies. Upon seeing anything out of place, he would furiously move his hand up and down, breastbone to belly, repeatedly. He was making the sign of the stake, is all. He was just staking himself.

Maybe worse is that certain brother, there is always someone, who will see the camera and mike and play up to it. “Well, dear companion, it seems to be that no one at home. Would you like to join me for a Bible sandwich?”

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