A Review of the Movie Apostasy. Part 3
'I Do Not Understand Why We Persecute Jehovah's Witnesses,' Putin Says

JWs, too, are Christians, says Putin. Why are they persecuted?

Putin, at a public forum just yesterday, says he does not understand why Witnesses have been persecuted, adding that they are Christians, too. It shows he won’t be bullied by those telling him otherwise. Distracted by other matters, this may be like the squeaky hinge driving him nuts with time that he is now going to attend to. It is a very good thing.

Of course he has known about it, but he has a country to run. This is huge for us. It cannot have been for him. Maybe he is like Ahaseurus & enemies get him to pass a law that he barely pays attention to until Esther exposes them for what they are. He has listened to bad advice from someone, and it has caused his country to be viewed as a nation of unreasoning goons. There may be hell to pay for someone.

‘What is to be done, o Haman, to the man in whose heart the king has taken delight?’

People hear the charge that Jehovah's Witnesses are extremist. Their interest peaked, they go to the jw.org website, which they might not do otherwise, and they see in a heartbeat that they are not.

Always we should ‘fear the king‘ and treat him with respect. No potshots ought be made. We thus glorify our God, who can turn the king’s heart like a stream of water, as we wait upon him.

Everyone hopes that perhaps their letter did the trick. So do I. But it was probably one from a child: