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Look What I Found in My Inbox From Lloyd!

Oh, this is too much. It really is.

Look what I found in my inbox from Lloyd:

Ah, Tom. Always trolling from the shadows. You were offered the chance to debate me rather than sniping from Twitter. (I don't remember any "pleading" being involved.) You turned the offer down because you know your elders will chastise you once they discover you engage with apostates online (against the instructions of the leaders you act as an apologist for), but instead you came up with excuse after excuse. You then wrote an eBook about how you had been victorious in your online battles with myself and other apostate activists. I'm actually glad that you declined the interview, because you have since showed yourself, in Twitter exchanges with myself and others, to be thoroughly disingenuous in misrepresenting Watchtower and its history. I suppose I should thank you for letting me dodge that bullet. But Rob's a big boy and he can make his own mind up without your input.


I wanted to go on his podcast. I really did. I was soooooo close to telling my “leaders” to kiss off and let me advance to the Big Time to debate like....oh, maybe he didn’t “plead,” but he sure did advance the offer again and again and again and again and again and again, taking for granted that to appear on his podcast is a person's dream come true.....but then he told me the offer had been withdrawn because I was a "disgusting human being."

I did contact Rob. It turns out he was someone I knew. I showed him some of his tweets to me. I told him how there is no one more pleasant and polite than Lloyd SO LONG AS he is confident that he has the upper hand.

How far can one get on a podcast where the host has an affinity for taunting gifs? Instead, I showed up on his website, and got thrown off in very short order.





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