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Working on the Effluent Account

Working on the Great Mundane Account

Okay, people. Today we’ll work on the Great Mundane account. Now, I don't have to tell you that Great Mundane is restructuring and they desperately need a new image. Let’s start with a catchy slogan. Any ideas?

‘Helping People.’

‘That’s got a nice ring to it, Keaton. But we need to flesh it out a bit.’

‘Helping to Help People in many Cases.’

Get your head out of Pharma, Olivia! C’mon people, think! Maybe something like ‘Helping People Since...’ Zoe, what year did all those people die? 2013? – okay – ‘Helping People Since 2014.’

‘You know, I think we’re on to something here that will really please Great Mundane. On top of their new ‘We Put Customers First!’ slogan we gave them yesterday, I think they’ll be very pleased. Zoe, how’d they like that slogan anyway? – oh - really? Well, how long have you been on hold? Oh. Well, we can always write them a letter.’

From the ebook: No Fake News but Plenty of Hogwash

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