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Some Say Brussel Sprouts Taste Good—says Jakob Blake’s Dad

When Anderson Cooper interviewed Jakob Blake’s dad, the latter answered a question with ‘Some people like Brussel sprouts.’ Anderson was flummoxed over this answer and when he pressed the dad, the dad explained that he hated Brussel sprouts—which also flummoxed Anderson.

This only registers because about two weeks ago on my blog, someone answered with a similar reply about food choices—though my post had nothing to do with that.

This only registers because The Librarian (that old hen) on her blog, has at times thrown in a complete non-sequitor about “I love pizza” or ‘I love tacos.’

Am I looking at a new evolution in memes and language? 

When the old hen does it, I think she is being snarky about those who destroy the order of her library by throwing any irrelevant remark into one of her threads—Dewey Decimal System be d**ned. I have no idea what the fellow on my blog is doing—does he just lurk there, too, and he is playfully imitating the Librarian. (Gasp! Don’t tell me it IS the Librarian—naw, I don’t think so (but you never know))

But there is no way on God’s green earth that Jakob’s dad is reading my blog. Why does he say what he does to Anderson about Brussel sprouts? Does he do it to say to Anderson: “I don’t really want to talk about it”? That’s how Anderson takes it.

I like this guy, though. I am also sure that he doesn’t care if I like him or not—he has things far more weighty and tragic on his mind. “Why did the cops shoot me so many times?” A paralyzed Jakob asked his dad in the hospital room. “Baby, they weren’t supposed to shoot you at all,” Pop had answered.

RT.com (the Russians—only they thought to take this angle) remarked on how dad “chose to go poetic instead,” “failing to produce clear-cut sound bytes.” We’re they hinting that was his intent?

Blakes, Sr, described a union as “like a bunch of dude that pay dues so they can go someplace and meet and get away from their wives”.

Would he find justice for his son, Anderson wanted to know? It was “out there over the rainbow, in the little house that Dorothy flew in on a tornado.”  “There is better healthcare” there probably, too.

Is he “going poetic” on purpose just to screw up the media, who ostensibly are interested in his son, but really just want to make him a building block in their greater project? Probably a little. Or maybe I am just reading in what I would do if I suffered some tragedy and the media wanted to know all about it to pursue a greater (for them) point.

Anderson worked for his interview. He got a good one. I think the Russians are all wet. Once you get your head around how this guy talks, few will speak more eloquently. Listen to him on those clips. He knows Anderson is not really his pal, he doesn’t want to inflame violence, and my guess is he thinks his remarks will be used to that end. Still he has a chance to speak as a dad, and he does. His paralyzed son is cuffed to the hospital bed? Why? Is it to protect him in case he might fall out? dad says.

He responds to sports games being cancelled, maybe even whole seasons, that he appreciates the gesture, but they won’t bring his son back, will they? He is a private guy—a man of faith, I think, who doesn’t want to be on the national stage. He’s not impressed that the President called, either. “That dude should have called four days ago,” he said, but his “family is cool, though.” Jakob’s mom apologized for not being home when the President called—was it the same call or two separate ones—added that she has nothing against him, and apologized for someone or other unknown said something unkind.

“My family and I are very hurt and quite frankly disgusted,” she said. “And as his mother, please don’t burn up property and cause havoc and tear your own homes down in my son’s name. You shouldn’t do it. People shouldn’t do it anyway, but to use my child or any other mother or father’s child, our tragedy to react in that manner is just not acceptable.”

What a terrible tragedy for a family. You want to get to learn of something, and you can’t. Everyone is spinning things into a greater narrative. You want to find an unbiased source and there aren’t any. So you read a few that are at odds with each other and hope to get close to how things really went down. What a mad way to run a world.





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