Another entertainment discussion—each comment more restrictive than the last.
You don’t wash windows with sleeved wand in one hand and spray bottle in the other!

Tweeting the Meeting—week ending February 21, 2021

Midweek tweets:

The Gershonites, Kohathites, & Mererites were responsible for packing & unpacking furnishings of tabernacle, and I thought of those regulars who used to work in shipping packing and unpacking convention gear.  (Numbers 3)

It was thought a good witness to wear the name badges the week of the District Convention. But I remember a hefty brother, sweaty & in undershirt after loading the equipment truck, nonetheless showing up with badge affixed to belly.

One sister in comment underscored the many “I am Jehovahs” in Leviticus & Numbers, which underscored that you don’t want to get too casual about how he says things were to be done.

God leaving his sanctuary, as though “I’m outta here” when it is polluted. It’s not for his sake, but for ours, so must be kept unpoluted. Good for scenarios when we know of contaminated roots & are tempted to say, “Who cares? It was long ago.” (Ezekiel 8:6)

The elderly sister known for zeal had a heart attack. Her believing family fears (correctly) she will be deluged, so directs that NO visits, texts, calls, or cards go to the hospital. They want her to rest. Ha! Word is the sister is trying to thwart them, ...1/2

does not want to be kept of of the loop even for a few days. She is said to be speaking of her faith to everyone....2/2

Weekend tweets:

The Zoom speaker today has his stairwell to upstairs in the background as the most prominent feature. I’ve never seen that before. It is steep with a railing along the wall, but on the other side one might topple over onto the floor on any incautious trip.

Probably a half wall started just out of the Zoom frame, but it was still a half dozen or so unprotected stairs

By stating that his kingdom was no part of this world, Jesus might be said to have abolished “Christendom” before it began—Malcolm Muggeridge. Quoted by the speaker as he read John 6:15 on how people wanted to make Jesus king, and he escaped them

This fellow is quoted sometimes. (search his name) The one I first recalled was, “Posterity will surely be amazed, and I hope vastly amused, that such slipshod and unconvincing theorizing should have so easily captivated 20th-century minds and been so widely & recklessly applied.

It is a downer, that’s for sure. But such reversals of what should be are common in life, even if not as extreme. I like the idea of working at whatever task is at hand. It is a way of salvaging a measure of victory out of what would otherwise be pure defeat. #WatchtowerStudy

“After you have suffered for a little while”...1 Peter 5:10. Yet some suffer “forever.” But sometimes it is a mindset. Find out what you can do and do it, like Joseph in the prison, sometimes makes all the difference.

The envious guy washing the window—if you have sleeve in one hand, you would have squeegee in the other, not a spray bottle. Some writer has not washed enough windows, methinks. #watchtowerstudy

I have washed windows in my day, even commercially. Trust me, no pro is done up like this I wouldn’t go so far as to say ‘false doctrine,’ but...

I think of Jesus’s word of being paid in full. The squeegee bro has challenges and joys, maybe more joys than the “wicked.” But they will reach a point of being “paid in full,” whereas he will find his greatest reward is yet ahead. #watchtowerstudy

She wasn’t called on, but I told my wife to make sure she gets that comment in someday about how her husband would interrupt his routine to change and call on that person “who is never home.” Don’t add how “today, I can’t even get him to put his dirty dishes in the sink.”


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Stephen Nice

Grew up with Muggeridge as a constant voice of intellectualism in the UK and a news correspondent with a penchant for interviewing the Witnesses as well as mentioning them generously in his work.
I agree about the expertise of the window cleaner of which I am one. My compromise interpretation is that the brother is some kind of in-house janitor/maintenance/handyman who doesn't have access to a professional's equipment. Therefore the hotel/restaurant is posh but only off the back of poorly payed staff like our brother. The plot thickens in we also factor in that the couple's at the table are possibly elders with their wives. The elders are successful with their own window-washing business empires which employs numerous pioneers throughout the country.

[Tom replies: Nobody can ever say that with you the plot does not thicken. :). ]

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